Imagine a World without Websites

Imagine a world without websites? Or even the Internet? It would be total chaos. No one would no which restaurant to eat at or where to shop at or who played Snake Plissken in Escape from New York. You ‘d have a hard time finding those wooden clogs your big sister wanted for Christmas.

The Internet and as a result websites, are no longer a fun commodity, they’re a necessity. People have become reliant on just pulling out their laptop, typing in a couple of words and just like that, receiving millions of answers to their one little question.

So I think the question is no longer, do I need a website? I think it’s more of how do I get myself up to the front of those tens of thousands of search returns. Organic search engine marketing, of course, is a very successful tool, but one that needs to be done properly. You need to target the right keywords, implement the right techniques, and a build a website based on a search-engine-friendly platform from the ground up.

Then there’s that little matter of keeping people on your site. With so much to see, they’re likely to wander offer fairly quickly unless you make it a bit interesting for them. Adding interactivity, whether it’s in the way of interactive games, videos, fun learning tools, or just a very cool website, will help you to retain visitors and ultimately increase conversions.

Luckily for you, DDA is the kingpin of interactive marketing and technologies. Just think of it as you doing your part to keep our civilized society intact.