Interactive websites

To a point, you could say that all websites are interactive, by simply having more than one page and allowing the user to then navigate to the page by clicking a link make the site interactive. 10 years ago all websites started out as simple interactive books, with pictures and text where the site visitor has control via a menu to view exactly what they want.

Flash forward to now and websites are infinitely interactive; sites can be personalized to your exact requirements; they become what the user needs and wants. They allow you control over a multitude of media, from beyond text and pictures to video and music. You can interact with billions of other people, watch last night’s episode of House or video chat to your friend in Australia.

Websites are no longer just a set of interconnected pages, but interactive information sources, providing you exactly what you need. You should come out of the 1990s it’s almost 2010; you need a company who understands what a website should be; what your website can be.

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