‘Intergalactic Planetary Planetary Interactive’

Interactivity is often associated with “New Media” and is a lot of what makes it different from the passive technologies of yesteryear.

Take for example watching movies at home:

  • Originally you could only watch what was broadcasted. (This is the least interactive of all. You don’t control even when you can watch it.)
  • Then came video tapes, where you could have a movie and watch it any time you wanted.
  • DVDs arrived and offered more control of what you watched, with language selection, a director’s commentary, instant scene jumping, etc.
  • Blu-rays enhance this even more. For instance, allowing you to pause a movie and find out information related to that point in a scene and then resume the movie.
  • BD-live pushes the envelope of interactivity, connecting you with other people watching the same movie, allowing you to play quizzes, and with some movies, offering live chat times with the actual directors.

With each wave of technology, the experience becomes less passive and more interactive, giving the user a more engaging experience by enriching the movie and allowing infinite control.