Live event or On-Demand?

When it comes to Webcasting, the primary question often overlooked is do I need to do a live stream?


A Live broadcast is like a TV newscast. The audience logs onto your site at a predetermined time to watch the event. An On-Demand Webcast is pre-recorded and then setup to stream whenever a user requests it.

The main advantage of a live event is the interactivity. You have the ability to react in real-time to your audience. Of course a live event can then be archived and setup for On-Demand, to allow it to be viewed at anytime. So this would be the clear winner? Not quite, the advantage of a pure On-Demand Webcast is the production flexibility. You can have multiple shots at various location on any date. Also you get to have as many takes as you need to get your message across exact the way you wanted it.

The question boils down to the topic of your Webcast. If it requires a significant amount of interaction for it to be effective, then Live is for you. If not, then the flexibility and comfort of On-Demand should be the way to go.