Pancake Day

Today in the UK, people will go about the much-loved tradition of making and eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.
(‘shrove’ stems from old English word ‘shrive’, meaning ‘confess all sins’). This is the day before Lent. begins.

As Lent commemorates Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness, Christians mark this period by fasting. So Shrove Tuesday was cleverly invented to use up the ingredients that were given up for Lent – milk, butter and, particularly, eggs – which make up the ingredients of a traditional pancake. Resembling something slightly thicker than a French crêpe, it is best served immediately after preparation with the tried-and-trusted sprinkling of fine sugar and lemon juice.

This day is also known as “Mardi Gras” (Fat Tuesday), and is celebrated throughout the world, mainly by eating fatty-type foods. Now the next bit is just speculation, but I’m guessing this world-wide gorging is likely to cause a spike in the heart-related emergency room visits of many hospitals. Here at DDA we are currently working on an Emergency Medical group’s website. It is just one of the many projects that the ddamedical division is currently working on. We work on medical CMEs, clinical trial websites, and medical training dvds; the list is endless; go to dda medical to find out more