The advantage of inhouse programmers

Here at dda, we pride ourselves on being a full service digital advertising agency, which we believe means offering our full range of services under one roof, without outsourcing. The synergistic way in which clients utilize our services actually saves them time and money, as opposed to having four different firms working on marketing material. Instead of one firm working on your website, another on your trade show booth, a third on your billboards and yet another on your TV ads, you could go to one place and let dda handle it all.

Aside from just removing the headache of manging all those firms, dda’s advantage is that our design staff from each department works together. Meaning all the solutions will share a common theme and shared elements, reducing production time and saving clients money.

So with that background information, this leads me back to the yet undisclosed meaning behind post title “The advantage of inhouse programmers” It’s actually quite simple really. For example, if a website develops a database error, or say, maybe a forum post problem, then because our programming staff is in house and only a few steps from my location, by grabbing a bucket of water and a board of wood, these database errors can be made to disappear really quite quickly.