Using video to enhance your website

We are currently close to launching an updated site for one of our longstanding clients, who to their credit have been using online video since 1999. Their new site takes it to a whole different level and not just for the sake of using video, but because it actually helps to show their products off.

It is a jewelry website and they sell charms, the kind that you add to bracelets. Currently, you can search for a specific type of charm and a thumbnail comes up of all the charms for that type, and then you click on it for detail, where you’ll find an enlarged shot of that particular charm. This is OK, but a lot of these charms are small, highly detailed 3D objects, much like the player tokens in an expensive Monopoly set. So a still image of the charm just never does it justice, but now we have videotaped each charm in a 360 degree rotation, which the user can control and now see how 3D the charms are, and view them from any angle. The result is spectacular as it brings each charm to life.

So no matter what your business is, if a picture can say a thousand words, then a video can put those thousand words into a very well crafted paragraph, with perfect use of punctuation and grammar.