Virtual Medical Simulations from DDA

With the ever growing amount of technology in the Healthcare industry it becomes increasingly harder and harder to keep up to date and trained on the latest equipment. That is every doctor’s problem, not enough time in the day and too much to get through.

If you’re a medical device manufacturer and you’re bringing to market the latest and greatest Endolapscopthinamy you have a big problem to overcome. That problem is getting doctors to see the value of your product, how it can help make the doctor’s life easier, and  how quickly they can learn to use it. You could gather all the docs in one place and demonstrate the device, but this would be far less ideal than having a trained doctor go out with the equipment and demonstrate one on one with  each doctor you wish to impress. Well obviously this would be impossible, especially with today’s tightening budget strings.

Luckily DDA Medical has just the solution. We call them Virtual Medical Simulations. They can be used to demonstrate a device to a doctor and then later used to instruct that doctor on proper usages of the tool. What’s more with our embedded video technology you can have your top specialists going through and demonstrating the device. Another bonus of a virtual medical simulation is that it can be viewed at the doctor’s discretion, whether that is on his lunch break or at 4 a.m. in the morning, it will be there when the time is right for the doctor.

Call DDA today and let us demonstrate the future of medical device sales and training.