Who is the Most Famous Doctor you can Think of?

DDA medical, is the Healthcare related branch of Dynamic Digital Advertising. We create a diverse range of products from CME’s to Patient portals. With the new Healthcare IT push in 2009, we feel very well prepared to help streamline and modernize any healthcare related business that calls upon us. Not only do we work with big Pharmaceutical companies but also down to small one-doctor practices. We have the tools to bring you up to date.

This got me thinking who is the most famous doctor you can think off, fictional or real?

Here is my top ten:

  • Doctor Livingstone
  • Doctor Kildare
  • Doctor Zhivago
  • Doctor Watson
  • Doctor Leonard McCoy
  • Gregory House
  • Doc Holiday
  • Doctor Ruth
  • Doctor Who
  • Doctor Sanjay Gupta

Did I miss your favorite Doc?

Let me know.