You’re a long tail searcher

What is a long tail searcher? Well…. you are, and what’s more, no one told you how to become one; you figured it out all by yourself.

Let me explain more by way of example. If you’re looking to buy an alligator charm for your gold bracelet, you go to Google and type in “gold alligator charm” and what comes up? Well, I already know the answer to this one, as it’s a site that sells gold alligator charms, exactly what you were looking for. Now why did you type in that long string of words? Because you have learnt over time that if you type in “charms,” you not only get results about jewelry but about bands and breakfast cereal, so you then type in “gold charms,” which brings up an array of jewelry stores, which is good, but you now have to go into one of those stores and search again.. which brings us to “gold alligator charms” and the end of your search.

Now if you think about this in terms of your site,  ask yourself which visitor do you want at your site—the guy who is searching “charms” or the guy who is looking for a gold alligator charm? Well, yes, you want them both, but who is the best value for your money? To get your site to rank for a one word term is possible but takes an extraordinary amount of time and money, whereas in competing for that 3 word term, there is a lot, a lot less competition, which means it takes you less time and money to rank high for it. And what really seals the deal is this: who is more likely to convert to a sale on your site? The random charm searcher, or the guy who knows exactly what he is looking for?

We here at DDA, along with our clients, know the answer. Just ask, which ranks #1 for “gold alligator charms.”