Microvideo Apps: Watch It, Snap It, Post It, Share It

With the barrage of marketing and PR information moving around in the modern world, staying ahead is difficult. More corporations are now relying on social media marketers to get their messages to the public. In social media, there is a smorgasbord of venues through which to carry out a marketing or public relations campaign; from Twitter to Facebook, it’s easy to reach a global audience. The problem, however, is that any and every corporation is on to these social media outlets, which makes gaining an edge to keep ahead of the game that much harder. Luckily, one excellent way to gain an edge is a microvideo app.

With everyone now carrying a smartphone or other mobile device, it’s easy to see why a lot of video sharing over the Internet is done with these devices. This proliferation of video content produced by smartphones or other mobile devices has, inevitably, driven the call for video apps to unprecedented levels. Also, as the majority of video is shared for social media purposes, it’s no wonder that these video apps are now evolving into microvideo apps to use for video blogging and other social media purposes. With the prominence of social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, and the “status update” option that goes with them, more and more people turn to online social media options to keep up with the world. These online social network giants have been paying attention to everyone’s desire to share, and now social media and video blogging sites have appeared that are compatible with, and primarily service, microvideo blogging apps. With this knowledge, it is easy to see why the answer for online social media marketing and PR gurus, if they really expect to stay up-to-the-minute with sending out their corporate messages, is a microvideo app.

The advantage to microvideo is that it does not limit social media to a few characters of text, or even a still image; a full range of ideas, emotions, events, or anything else can be portrayed vividly via several seconds of full-motion video. And, these videos blogs don’t even have to stop at traditional video display. Microvideo apps allow all sorts of artistic manipulation, such as manipulating a video so that only portions of what’s on screen plays while the rest remains still, giving the video play a flipbook feel, or using a variety of filters to create an ambiance. Fifteen seconds of video can peg the essence of any campaign or event.

DDA has the full-service, in-house team to provide the video production, postproduction, animation, and any other services needed to create the perfect microvideo app. Our team of professionals can work to ensure that any marketing or PR campaign has an impact across the board on social networking sites. Contact us today to see what microvideo and social networking possibilities there are.

Photo Credit: Microsoft Office Clipart