Mobile, The Next Big Wave

The Memorial Day weekend gave us time to work on our home and yard.  Unlike many families that opt to go to the Shore or the Mountains, we generally choose to stay home because the stores are not as crowded and getting things accomplished like buying what we needed to power wash and clean windows took no time. The weather was kind, especially since we started really early. It was hard work, but oh so worthwhile. Maintaining a home takes time, lots of elbow grease, the help of a handyman who has worked with us for twenty years now, and never letting things get rundown.

Not any different in business. Promotional material should be current, and more important your business website should be a crown jewel in your arsenal. Sales and Marketing managers have to pay attention to the rapid changes in the technological field. Right now, it’s all about mobile. The tablet device led by Apple’s IPad is going to become ubiquitous in the business world and in all our personal lives.

It behooves companies like DDA to pay attention, to create the tools that our clients will need to have their websites embedded with Flash show up on IPads with no problems or lag time. To all our clients, we are ready. We have AppleSavvy. Don’t fret, don’t panic.  Call or email, we won’t let you down!