Mom, Jess, Hey You, I answer to just about anything…

During my day I can be referred to as Mom, Jess, Jessi, Jessica, Mrs. Chieffo, Mrs. Jordan, Ms. Weber and so on and so forth. And it always seems that no matter what I am called, I can somehow find the answer to the questions that I am being asked.

At home, I am questioned about the location of favorite T-shirts, jewelry, schoolbags and the ever elusive missing sneaker. For some reason I somehow know where everything is at all times. It must be a gift that you get along with your children, along with the sleepless nights and bags under your eyes.

After the first round of questions that start off my day are over, I begin my workday at DDA, a search engine optimization company. Ding ding, Round two begins.

Throughout my day as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist, I am asked about the locations of website traffic reports, search engine rankings reports, software inventory and so on. All answers are either emailed or given with a smile. I try to keep an upbeat attitude when I am at work, I have found that it makes the day much easier on me.

Once I leave DDA, pick up the kids and head home I am faced with the worst question of all… What’s for dinner?