More Things Not Going As Planned

So with my mind made up on the location for my wedding pictures, I sent a photo to the photographer to see what he thought. He has not photographed many weddings in the city and was unsure of a location with the specifications that I wanted. He said that the place was very nice but since the bridal party, including bridesmaids, groomsmen, my fiance and myself, comes to a grand total of 24 people, it may be hard to get everyone in without steps to arrange all the bodies! So I will have to think of a solution to this minor hiccup in the wedding details. He also said that the grass was a little patchy but he could fix that in Photoshop.

Also, last night it was concluded that my minivan is on its final days and that we will need to replace it somehow. Another car payment is simply not possible if we are committed to saving for this wedding, so we will have to sit down and figure this one out. I was so mad because I just put my sticker on the back window that is stick figures of the members of my family. I’m that Mom, I know.

At least I know that the planned website optimization for today will be completed. Submitting sitemaps and updating robots.txt files will fill the bulk of my day… that is until another task is thrown my way and I need to set the website optimization aside for a bit. As each day of the calendar goes by, I keep a check of how many days vs how many websites in our SureThing Optimization Program. Optimizing websites each day and staying on track is my main priority as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist.