Move Over Elvis… Content is King

In the world of search engine optimization, content is the most important element. Your website can have the most focused meta tags, keyword rich alternate text and files names including keywords; but if there is no content, there are no rankings. DDA, a search engine marketing company, knows this and has a team of copywriters on staff that are experts in content development.

Our writers conduct keyword research to find out how internet users are searching for certain services. They implement highly searched terms into their content and the related meta tags. Search engines are looking for each page to have around 500 words and more importantly content that is focused on a specific topic.

Our website has page after page of keyword rich content written by the staff at DDA. We even have several separate websites that go into detail about specific services. discusses our corporate and medical video production services, details our corporate and medical website designs and lists information regarding corporate and medical training.

With all of this content, it’s no wonder we have attained over a thousand keyword terms that rank in the #1 spot on Google. Contact DDA for your keyword-rich content development services today!