Much Needed Improvement

Last weekend my fiance and I looked at a house that we were told is going up for sale very shortly. Everything in the house was original, right down to the pink and blue bathroom decor, lovely. In order to live in this house there is a lot of work that needs to be done. I’m talking about a complete overhaul. We aren’t looking to buy a house until after the wedding has passed and we can start saving some more. So it was nice to look through, but we can’t really give it much thought right now.

Some websites out there on the Internet are in need of a serious overhaul as well. We have had several websites in our SureThing Optimization Program going through the re-design process lately. It is important to have an up to date website these days. Not only the website design, but also the content and images as well. If you look through our Timeline, you will see that we have had several website designs over the years. Our 1995 website, was a simple design with eight links down the left side and a few paragraphs of non-optimized content. Fast forward fourteen years and look at our current website design consisting of flash integrated segments, over five thousand pages in Google of keyword-rich content, and portfolios full of the latest innovative projects we have designed.

So if you think your website is in need of a major or minor re-design, contact DDA today!