MultiTasking is a Must

Whether I’m at work as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist or at home playing the role of Wife/Mother, I am always multitasking. At home, while I am enjoying a movie, I am also folding a load or two of laundry, while someone’s breakfast is being toasted to perfection, I am also preparing their lunch and when I am doing something as simple as brushing my teeth, I am thinking about what needs to be done next around the house.

Today is a prime example of multitasking being put to good use at DDA, an interactive advertising agency. Currently, I am running a find and replace option on a website designed,  hosted and optimized by DDA. So while I am blogging, the meta tag update is being made at the same time. While I am uploading the files for a website that I have worked on, I am also entering information into their website optimization status report.

With so many websites enrolled in our SureThing Optimization Program, I find it necessary to be a multitasker. That way each site has their work done on time each month and with so many sites, I need all the extra time I can get!