Multitasking is a Necessity

I have been asked several times, “How do you manage to do it all?” With three kids, hectic schedules, meals to make, baths to give, laundry to wash… plus all of the websites to optimize at DDA on a daily basis, multitasking has become an absolute necessity for me.

It doesn’t matter if I’m at home or behind my desk at DDA, a search engine marketing company, I am always doing more than one thing at any given time. I mean, isn’t it normal to be sorting through the laundry while gargling mouthwash? Or making the kid’s lunches for the following day while cooking tonight’s dinner?

While I am at DDA and tackling the role of Search Engine Optimization Specialist, I am also multitasking. When a sitemap.xml file is generating, I am also adding information to the client’s website optimization status report. And while a website’s files are downloading, I am preparing the optimization schedule for the month’s websites. It’s no wonder that the dual monitor computer setup has become essential around here.

Take this morning for example, with only 15 minutes until it was time to leave the house my daughter was pulling at her new shirt that she absolutely had to wear today. It was a little too big around the back (it was a halter style shirt) and wasn’t laying right. All the while, my 4 year old was throwing himself on my bed telling me how he was going to wear his pajamas to school.

I have learned that lately yelling gets me nowhere and just raises my blood pressure. So while I was stitching up the shirt to the appropriate fit, the negotiations with my son began. And just like that, by the time I was tying the knot in my thread, there he was dressed and ready to make the mad dash toward the door. Amongst all of this was when I was thinking…”Hmm, this could make for a good blog entry.”

Looking at my list ahead for today, I know that there will be several tasks that will need to be completed at the same time. Whether it’s meta tags focusing while generating urllist.txt files, or submitting sitemaps while adding header tags, it will all somehow be completed by the time that I gladly shutdown my computer and walk out these doors. (It is Thursday after all, who doesn’t enjoy walking out of work knowing that you won’t be back until Monday!)

So no matter which role I am playing, mother, Search Engine Optimization Specialist or even seamstress at times… multitasking is the only way that I am able to complete all of my tasks.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the sitemap that I was generating while writing this is finished.