My 200th Blog

Today marks my 200th blog since we started this whole blogging system a little over a year ago.  Back then I really didn’t even know what a blog was. In the beginning it was tough to try to write about what I do everyday and now it has become a normal part of my daily routine.

In my previous 199 blogs, I wrote about search engine optimization, medical website designs, had a letter written from my desk cactus (which is still alive and well by the way), webcasting services and graphic design services just to name a few topics. Each day was able to be about a different topic since DDA offers so many digital services.

Since the addition of our blog, we have had clients request a similar system be added to their website. Blogging is also a part of search engine optimization since it is a way to be consistent in adding content to our website. And we all know how the search engines like new content added to websites.

Here’s to the next 200 blogs!