My Last Name Should Be Murphy

Ever heard of Murphy’s law?

“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

Well my entire morning was ruled by this. This is my last day of work and being a Mom before my husband and I go on our first vacation without the kids, so of course I need to run around like a maniac in the last 24 hours before departure. I woke up to my daughter telling me that she wasn’t feeling well (today was also her last day of school), my son’s head hurt, my body felt like it was sent through the wringer while I was sleeping, and the icing on the cake… it was raining.

So I started out my morning with my usual routine, when I remembered that I needed to go online and print out our boarding passes. No biggie. I sat at my desk and carefully typed in the information needed, clicked print, then realized that I did not have the printer hooked up. Just Great. So I ran downstairs only to find that the computer could not display the webpage. Lovely. Thank goodness my neighbor (ahem, sister) was awake and able to print them out for me.

Along with the normal bags to carry to school for my sons, I needed to pack anything needed for next week to give to my sister who is taking care of my youngest while we are away. I packed up the truck, buckled up the kids and off we went, it was at this point that I realized I had forgotten to eat breakfast. Then I reached for my cell phone and I noticed that I left my purse right by the door inside my house. After taking what felt like the scenic route back around the neighborhood, I ran back into the house, grabbed my purse and hopped right back in the running truck and off we went…again. While sitting at the first of many red lights of the morning, I took a deep breath and exhaled just in time to hear the “low fuel” notification on my truck. Fantastic. Dropped the boys off at their designated classrooms with a kiss on the forehead, raced to the gas station and pumped a few gallons of gas. And thank you mother nature for the perfect wind gusts that soaked me while I was holding the pump, since that little clip that holds the pump for you was broken, of course.

Of course, there were more red lights on the way into work, but sure enough I arrived ready to start my website optimization of the day, lunchless. So with a grumbling tummy and wet pants, I started to organize TRACs for a window manufacturing website that we designed.  I am checking website optimization tasks off of my list and things are looking good. I am even going to be involved in some digital photography at some point today. It will be nice to have some time off to get some much needed relaxation. But it will also be nice to come back to my old buddies waiting for me, and by that I mean the meta tags, header tags, press releases, alternate text tags of the medical websites, corporate websites and any other site design you can think of that is enrolled in our SureThing Optimization Program.