My Own Little Piece of the WWW

Over the weekend, I created a wedding website for my fiancée and I to send to family and friends. It includes specific wedding information, information about us, hotel accommodations in the area, a poll to vote for a potential bridesmaid dress, and a guest book. There is still a great deal to add such as how we met, a quiz, and a photo album.

After the wedding, the site will host select information and pictures from our honeymoon. And it has potential to keep growing into a family website should we decide to take that route. The website is a perfect way to keep in touch with both our families and make sure that everyone receives the same information. With everyone spread out along the northeast Atlantic coast that is definitely a good thing.

I have learned a great deal while working at DDA that came in useful this weekend such as basic HTML code for making words bold or italicized. My site will never be as sophisticated as the sites designed and developed by DDA, but my knowledge from working here will help me utilize the capabilities of the template.