Need an iPad® and iPhone® Compatible Website? There’s AppleSavvy™ for That!

Apple Savvy

Many websites are designed with attractive and interactive features such as videos, animations, banners, games, and more. Current estimates find that 30%-40% of all web pages currently use Adobe® Flash® elements#. While this is suitable for many desktop-based web browsing devices, it may not be compatible with the many Apple® products on the market today, such as the iPad, iPod touch®, and iPhone. Of course, no one wants to sacrifice interactivity for functionality. There is a way to have both. There is AppleSavvy™ for that.

AppleSavvy™ is a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, LLC that focuses on converting Flash sites to run on devices like the iPad and iPhone. We can convert any Flash presentation currently on a website and make sure iPad and iPhone users can view it in all its glory. From converting Flash video to any animated Flash feature, AppleSavvy™ will make sure your site is iPhone and iPad ready.

DDA website developers can also build sites from scratch that have all the attention-grabbing functionality of a Flash site, with the compatibility for Apple® products like iPads and iPhones. While building sites compatible for iPhones is becoming the norm, you still need a website developer with experience to make sure all features of the site can function and be viewed in the most optimal way possible. Backed by years of experience in website design and development, animation, and interactive and mobile programming, DDA can make sure your site is both user and iPad friendly. With a highly trained staff of web technicians, programmers, SEO experts, designers and animators, and over a thousand technology and design projects successfully delivered, no website compatibility conversion is too big or too small. When you need a website that can keep up with the ever-changing technology, turn to DDA and AppleSavvy™ for that.

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