To get anything done in today’s world requires negotiation. From the moment we wake up in the morning, we negotiate time in the bathroom, negotiate the kids to get ready, negotiate through traffic on our way to work. Then we start our work day. Here at DDA, this is always a whole different set of negotiating: establishing time frames, handling clients needs, meetings, scheduling of events, negotiating price quotes, re-scheduling, re-negotiating… it’s a huge time consuming loop. But all of the hard work is worth the satisfying end result.

The hard working staff here at DDA is always negotiating the best for every client, negotiating every detail for the smoothest transition from one stage to the next. One of the latest examples of this is our new AppleSavvy™ division. Here we take some time to explain what we can do for you to help you negotiate the transition since Apple® has not enabled Flash to play on the ipad® or iphone®, to convert or redesign Flash  for your website, and build applications for the ipad® and iphone® for your business.  Of course we still create amazing virtual medical simulations, 3d medical animations, interactive video, and beautiful medical website designs, complete with search engine optimization and medical IT support.

DDA can help you negotiate into a smarter future.