New Designs Make People Uneasy

Have you seen the new milk cartons? They are an eye sore and reports say they are difficult to pour. When you search Google for new milk carton, you have your choice of which complaints you wish to read. Everyone is up in arms about such a minuscule design change that they are missing the reasoning behind this change.

As the economy worsens stores such as Sam’s Club, Costco, and WalMart have started to carry these new milk cartons to try and help the economy. The new cartons are said to be more economical because the rectangular shape allows more cartons to be packed together, which results in more cartons being shipped together, which then results in a lower price at the shelf. As the price for a gallon of milk reaches the $4. mark you would want to believe that consumers would be delighted that companies were trying to help.


DDA performs in the same manner, in the sense that we do all we can to make our projects as affordable as possible without sacrificing the quality. This way, clients are satisfied with our work, as well as us. We would never proceed with a design that our client has not approved. If there are complaints that are brought to our attention, we will develop ways to solve the issues and we will fix them if that is what the client wishes us to do.

Our trained and degreed programmers, website developers, designers, and copywriters are more than capable at solving any problems that may arise. We will always listen to your ideas and concerns and do our best to address them. DDA will also offer suggestions as to the best way to go with your project.