New Gear

The latest venture into triathlon gear has got me looking into buying an aero helmet. It would be something that would only be used on race day to help cut the wind on maybe a few times in training for experimentation. It just looks too goofy for regular use and I doubt that it offers the same fall protection. I hear it is a little bit harder to get on too so I can only hope that the extra time saved biking outweighs the extra time it might take to put the helmet on. These stupid helmets are pretty expensive in general, but I’m chasing several options that can get me one at 50 -80 percent off the normal price. Things like closeouts sales on older models and possibly getting one off of Ebay. One way or another I’ll most likely end up getting one. I can’t just give up any advantage to my competition… well unless that advantage involves aero wheels that costs thousands of dollars. They are expensive no matter where I look. They are just ridiculously priced and I guess my competitors with giant bankrolls can have that extra time on me. I’ll just have to work harder I guess.

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