New Month, New Optimization Techniques

As each new calendar month begins, I start over on my alphabetical list (of course) of websites to optimize. Each website needs different optimization each month. I cannot just say, “OK, this month I am going to submit a press release for all of my clients.” Each site has individual needs and there is no blanket statement to make for them all. As I setup my monthly website optimization schedule, I need to review past optimization as well as look through the website to see what is needed.

Occasionally, while deleting Spam emails, I run across search engine optimization tips. I read through and realize that I already know all of the tips they are so graciously spamming to everyone.

Each client that comes into our SureThing Optimization Program, wants to be listed #1 on Google. DDA stays on top of Google’s changing algorithms, and can make this possible. Our own website,, currently has 1,698 terms with first place rankings in Google. We are constantly updating and optimizing our website and keeping up with Google’s algorithms, and we strive to do the same for our clients so over time, they will see the same results.