Next Stop Hollywood

I found out last night that apparently one of the movies that some friends made for a festival is now listed on IMDB (Internet Movie Database). This movie ended up winning best film of the whole festival and they were invited to go to California to compete in a winner’s festival. The time they filmed this happened to be one of the times I was staying in Philadelphia, so I got to help out. I ended up getting to play one of the zombies in the movie in a chase scene. It isn’t much, but I’m in there doing my best mindless zombie run in a group. It was enough to get in the credits and apparently also enough to get listed on IMDB as well. So now you can find me on IMDB! How cool is that? The movie is called “Two of Harts” and I’m listed as zombie Jimmy. I’m now wondering if my role as a creepy shadow in the movie I helped out with last week will get me another IMDB credit. I might end up looking like I have a pretty good acting resume not too long from now, even though I can’t act. From now on, I guess you’ll find me in my luxury trailer on various movie sets munching on food from the Kraft services table. Either that or I’ll still be doing what I have been doing.

What I’m doing is working at Dynamic Digital Advertising as an animator, programmer, and 3D modeler. Every week holds something different for me as far as what type of work I may be doing. It could be animating in 3D, making an interactive application with Flash programming, or making an admin section to control a website’s displayed content with some custom programming. I, with my fellow digital savvy workers, can handle any type of media related work you can throw at us. That’s because our list of services is gigantic and encompasses all types of things like video production, digital photography, copywriting, graphic design, custom web design, search engine marketing (SEM) and everything else in between. Don’t think of us as just an advertising firm, that only makes up a small portion of what our actual work is. Think of us more as a digital firm, where we can bring any thought you have in a digital medium into a reality. So give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.