‘No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted’

When my fiancé passed away three weeks ago the first thing his family and I wanted to do was to find a way to remember him and share his story with others. We quickly set up a memorial fund at the bank until we could clearly consider our options. We soon realized that a memorial award at the trade school he attended in high school was very fitting.

To top that off, DDA was generous enough to commit time and energy to developing a website in memory of my fiancé. In the beginning I was not sure how this would take form, but I was excited. My doubt was not because I did not have faith in the DDA team, it was because I was not sure if Chris’ family and I would be able to contribute our thoughts and memories in a way that would make the site meaningful.

While the days do not seem to be getting any easier, I feel that we are all ready to find ways to grieve and cope. Putting our memories onto paper will be a good method to share why he was so significant in our lives and the lives of everyone he met.

The few times I have sat down to write, I find myself envious of our copywriter’s at DDA. At the most random times I have great ideas come to mind, but when the day dwindles down and I am home and ready to write my mind draws a blank. So instead of writing content for the website I pull out my journal and I write to Chris. I ask questions, I stroll down memory lane, and look into what our future would have been. At this moment, the words flow from my pen so easily. I try to go back to the content for the website and nothing. After a while it gets frustrating but I know when I am ready the copy for the site, that delivers the perfect message, will flow from my fingers.

Again, I just want to send an enormous thank you to everyone at DDA (copywriters, designers, programmers, web developers, videographers, animators, illustrators, SEO specialists, and project coordinators) for everything you have done in the past three weeks. I am one of few words and usually little emotion, but truthfully, the littlest (and biggest) things make all the difference in my day!

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.