Not Technically Savvy?

I’m not a technical person. Working a full-service digital advertising and marketing company, where we have lots of experienced IT tech staff, programmers, and web developers, I’ve picked up a thing or two, but I never get too technically involved. My boyfriend is technically-minded, which is good. Without him the house wouldn’t be networked and we wouldn’t have the fun and relaxing outdoor patio tunes that we do. Of course, after five years, he’s still challenged by the printer, but hey, I’d rather listen to TV on the Radio than print out a bunch of stuff, so it works out.

If you’re like me then the latest news from Apple has got to be making your head spin. No Flash will run on the iPad or iPhone…ever??? What does that mean for the future of my website? Luckily for you, DDA introduces AppleSavvy, a division focused solely on  converting Flash websites so they’re compatible with Apple-developed devices like the iPhone and iPad and all smart phones. We also do full iPad and iPhone friendly development as well as custom applications development.

So as usual you don’t need to be tech savvy. DDA fulfills all of your custom programming, website design and development, video production, animation, eLearning platform development, and search engine marketing (SEM) needs. And now thanks to AppleSavvy we got you covered on a whole new browsing platform.

Stop worrying about what the no-Flash on portable Apple devices means and call on AppleSavvy today to convert your site or develop a brand new application.