Nothing but Sweet Marketing

August is a bittersweet month. It’s when some of the bigger events in my area happen — Musikfest and Allentown Fair –  a drop in temperature typically occurs at some point, and it’s historically the best month of my commute, as it seems to be very popular for vacations. This morning my drive was  a breeze, and I swear the traffic lights lasted longer than usual, though that doesn’t really make sense and it’s probably more likely that the decrease in traffic made it appear that way.

But then there’s the other side, the side of back-to-school sales and fall creeping in, slowly you begin to notice darkness setting in earlier at night and staying longer in the morning, flowers begin to die, and the wind becomes a bit crisper. Don’t get me wrong, I love fall. It’s my second favorite, sometimes first, season. I just can’t stand its neighbor, winter. So even though there’s lots of fun stuff going on, traffic is better, and the weather is usually more tolerable (though that doesn’t seem to be the case this season), August is like an ending to summer, which is sad.

Here at DDA, August means something different entirely. It’s usually when we begin our busy season. As companies settle down from vacations and focus on the last quarters of the year, they begin looking at all of the projects they have yet to complete, and who better to turn to than a full-service marketing and advertising company? We offer everything from video production, animation, and virtual reality to website design and development, search engine marketing, and even Flash conversion and iPad and iPhone friendly development through DDA’s newest division, AppleSavvy.

I guess you can say we’re kind of like back-to-school shopping for medical and corporate, interactive and traditional marketing and advertising. The best part is, with us you don’t have to go to a 100 different stores to get the best deal. You can find high quality Virtual Medical Simulations, eLearning platforms, custom programming, graphic design and more at moderate prices all from one location.

August may be bittersweet on a personal level, but from a marketing standpoint, with DDA it’s nothing but sweet.