Occupied Brain

Nothing like a drive to work in a fierce squall. That was just the case this morning and it wasn’t the fastest or safest weather to drive in. Anyway I’m here now and while I work I will anxiously be awaiting the weekend’s slew of football games. This is do or die time for the fantasy football league for me. I need one more win to make the playoffs and have a chance at winning and it has to come today. If I lose, it will most likely be time to pack it in and hope things work out better next year. I will still have a long-shot outside chance if I lose if two other specific guys in the league lose, but the odds of that happening with the competition that they are going against aren’t very good. So I will be on the edge of my seat for every play of every game hoping that I can get more and more points to hopefully overcome my opponent and win my way into the playoff race where anything can happen. It’s been such a good season that most competitors are within a few games of each other and there right now are six people who could claim the last three playoff spots with wins this coming weekend. My team seems to be reaching it’s peak now after being plagued by injuries so I feel like I can win it all if I get past this week. Only time will tell though. Ugh, the anticipation is driving me nuts!

In the meantime, I can pass the time and keep my brain occupied from thinking about the games by working for a couple days. Since our work week ends on Thursday and the first game is on Thursday, it just so happens to work out perfectly to divert my attention for the right amount of time before the games start. Here I will be spending 20 hours of the next two days doing advanced programming, Flash animation,  3D modeling, and other assorted web tasks. Others will be doing some of the same along with editing video, copywriting, digital photography, custom web design, search engine marketing (SEM), and more. We do everything digital and media related. So give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.