Office Appreciation

As it turns out, my son that was screaming at me all morning yesterday, is sick so I am working from home today. While I have all of the information needed for my website optimization for the day, I am honestly missing my office at work. Since moving to our new facilities in March, I gained alot of desk space. While I am optimizing a website, I am able to spread out search engine optimization articles, my daily optimization schedule and anything else I need to reference during the day all over my desk space.

At home, I am not so fortunate. I have a small computer table shoved in the corner of my bedroom. I am really missing the dual monitor setup that I get to enjoy at work everyday. This computer screen just isn’t big enough to hold all of the programs and browser windows that I need open. Nevertheless, I will forge ahead and complete the website optimization needed for today. I am expecting several interruptions by my son asking for juice, crackers and a cool washcloth, and I will see how well I can work with one hand since my other son keeps hanging on me like a koala bear.

Eventhough I will be home for the day my fellow DDAers know that I am just an email away. I am sure that  I will be reading a book to keep my son at ease or giving the next dose of medicine, but still the work will be finished on time.

Stay healthy everyone!