Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful

In point of fact it’s bloody freezing; my computer is telling me it’s 13 degrees Fahrenheit; that’s -10.5 below freezing for the rest of the civilized world. Although we don’t have any Yuletide logs to keep us warm, it is still delightful, thanks to modern technology. With very high R-Value insulation and a central heating system, we are isolated from the cold beyond our walls. And like a modern day Nakatomi Tower, DDA is brimming with High-Tech, state-of-the-art equipment.

For Example, not only is our in-house video studio fully equipped with HD cameras and Large LCD screens, but it also has more subtle technology, like special low-heat natural light bulbs. A small detail, but one hot actors are thankful for, and also comes in handy when photographing ice cream.

Another DDA Technology is more hidden, this is our DDA TRAC, a complete custom project management tool built by our in-house programmers; this allows us to maximize our value, keep track of projects so that there are no hidden surprises for our clients, and just as importantly, not miss any deadlines.

The good news is, this constant influx of new technology doesn’t show signs of pausing and if you’re ever around, feel free to pop in and find out more; don’t worry if the lights are turned way down low, thats just us being green and saving energy.