old is new again

 I recently read an article that the 30″s are back again, the 1930s that is. It had a great pic comparing Brad Pitt in a tux with hair slicked back to Clark  Gable, also tuxed and slick, both easy on the eyes. I would not have thought to compare the two- but in this shot- it was easy to see the similarity. It also went on to compare the economy (depression/recession), Hip head-wear (apparently fedoras are making a comeback), outlaws (Capone vs. Blagojevich) and performing families (Marx Bros vs. Jonas Bros) it was quite humorous, yet unmistakably true. Now just as before, times are tough, but as Americans, we respond with spirited determination and courage to move ahead with class and integrity despite the actions of  certain greedy billionaires. DDAs staff has got moxie, and is proud to offer services that are extensive and complete and made in the USA all the way. We are determined to provide top of the line, cutting edge graphics, interactive design, video, animation and interactive media, expert programming, interactive technology, copywriting and scriptwriting with spunk and gumption. Not everything from the past is just “old”, we should learn from the past, take the best, and make it new again, and while we’re there, always make it fun.