Olympic Dreaming and Video Streaming

This year’s Olympics have gone through many ups and downs. USA is winning medals, and all of America wants to watch, even if we’re not in the same time zone. Online video streaming makes watching these medal-winning moments possible, from where ever and whenever we want. Some say this new technology, such as live-streaming, video recaps, and event alerts, still have some kinks to work out and may take away from watching the actual event, but we’ve still come a long way in experiencing these games and sharing these moments with the world.

Learn to Share with Video Streaming

Video streaming is one of many services provided by DDA Video. From website video integration to live webcasts of events, DDA has experience in sharing information and connecting participants from across the country and around the globe through video. Video webcasting has been used alongside PowerPoint presentations to enhance medical eLearning tools. Live webcasting of corporate events have also been set up to include out-of-state participants.

DDA also utilizes live webcasting during video production. When a client cannot make it to our in-house video studio, we set up a webcast session for them to see and hear the studio session shoot. Through this webcast, clients can provide feedback and ensure all on-screen actions and narrations fit their specifications.

As technology evolves, it becomes easier to connect with others and share information across time zones. What the Olympics and DDA are doing with streaming video is only the beginning, and DDA plans to continue going for the gold.

photo credit: Siddie Nam via photo pin cc