One of Those Days

Ever wake up and everything you do seems to go wrong and you wish that you could wake up and start over again? For me, this is one of those days. My fiancee woke up late, which meant that I woke up late and had no time to get myself ready before my sons were coming down the steps asking for breakfast. I spilled milk on the counter while trying to pour it into the cereal bowl, I had to deal with my older son screaming all morning long while my younger son was crying because his favorite shirt wasn’t clean. As I tried to calm my younger son down he got tears, boogies and cereal all over my shirt so I had to quickly change and almost forgot my lunch as I was running out the door… which I closed on my pinky finger.

In a way I do get to start over when I walk into the doors at DDA, a search engine marketing company. I try my best to leave it all behind as I start my website optimization for the day.  I take a deep breath as I check my emails, record website statistics and write my blog.

On today’s task list, I need to complete the website optimization for a replacement window and door manufacturer website that we designed. I will also be submitted site to MSN Local and I am sure there will be a few press release submission and meta tags focused along the way. No matter how rough my morning was, I need to come into work and be focused on increasing the rankings of my clients’ websites in the search engines.