Online Social Networking Has Gone To The Dogs

Online social networking is the hottest trend going right now. Whether it be via MySpace, Facebook, Hi5, Friendster or any of the many other sites out there. I am willing to bet that everyone knows at least one person who is part of some social networking site. The basics of any social networking site is that users create profiles about themselves and can then link them to others who share their interests or a commonality, such as what high school they went to or their favorite band.

The newest craze in the online social networking is DoggySpace. If you have ever had a pet, whether it be a hamster, a lizard, a cat, or a dog, you understand the love and affection that one can hold. You quickly become capable of talking about them as if they are part of your family, and in most respects they really are. allows dog owners to create profiles for their pooch and connect with others who love dogs. Users can utilize the site to keep up with friends, upload videos and pictures of their dogs, and give their dogs their own cyber place (even though the dog would be none the wiser).

Your pup’s profile includes their name, picture, breed, current mood, gender, fav toy, and fav activity. There is also the option for a brief blurb or a description of who your dog is. Many people compose a simple paragraph that outlines their pet’s personality or tells the story of how their pet became a part of their life. Then there is the friend’s section that shows which other pooches your pup is friends with (don’t forget to evoke your parental rights – you wouldn’t want them to befriend a feline). Finally, there is a comments section that allows their friends to leave messages.

I will not be surprised if the pooches of DDA show up on there, since they have already had their online debut via our blogs.