Optimization and Determination

This weekend, I had to suffer through watching my daughter compete in a Tae Kwon Do Tournament. Every year she is so excited to go and beams when the medals are placed around her neck. The day was full of a lot of waiting around. Her pattern competition was up first and she did well. Then, during the second round of her sparring competition I could see that she was completely exhausted. Having just beaten her previous competitor and only having 30 seconds to regroup before her next battle was tough on her. It was especially tough on me watching from the stands as the match was paused a few times for her to take deep breaths, wipe away tears and get herself ready to throw punches again. Each time the referee asked if she wanted to continue, she would nod her head and be on her way. She was so determined to finish what she had started and I am proud of her for having that as a character trait. She left the competition with a silver medal, a bronze medal and a smile as big as ever; after all of the battling, it was all worth it in the end.

The same can be said about website optimization, in a way. When you are squaring off with other competing websites in the Google ranking competition, you need the proper techniques and elements to attain the top spot. That’s where DDA comes in. I make sure that the meta tags on each page are focused, header tags and alternate text are implemented and each page is directed toward a specific topic. Instead of standing in the bleachers screaming out which combinations my daughter should perform, as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist, I am behind the scenes implementing optimization elements into each website in our SureThing Optimization Program.

As a search engine marketing company, DDA knows that top spot rankings may fall if Google’s algorithms change unexpectedly. We are determined to fight for our clients rankings in the search engines and where we see weakness, we focus on that area to make it stronger. If a client wants to rank highly for a specific term, we can create keyword-rich content around that term which will over time increase the rankings.

When DDA is in your corner, you will be a winner!