Optimization (and Life) Frustration

I am convinced that there is some sort of hidden radar signal that my children can detect on my body somewhere. Each morning, I get them up, get them dressed, feed them, brush their teeth, get their shoes on, pack their lunches, fill their backpacks and take them to school. There is not much free time in the morning as you can tell. They will be quietly watching their morning cartoons and as soon as I sneak upstairs to make my bed I hear “Mom, where did you go?” Then I hear the footsteps up the stairs and down the hallway to see where I went and why I left the kitchen. So I quickly make my bed and stay in the kitchen to tend to their every need.

Some days, I get the chance to actually eat breakfast! I get whatever cereal is left, add my milk and as soon as the first bite gets close to my lips, “Um, Mom… I need you!” Then my daughter will usually come down asking for the same cereal that I attempted to eat and I surrender my bowl as I look at the empty box in the trashcan.

Even if I am just trying to fold the laundry and enjoy the only time that I get to sit down at home, besides dinner, someone is usually in dire need of something that they need right that second. My morning (ahem, life) as a Mom can be very frustrating at times.

Once I come to DDA, a search engine marketing company, I get to sit down and begin my website optimization for the day. I still need to tend to others needs such as registering a URL or finding a piece of software, but at least I am dealing with adults that won’t throw themselves on the floor until I hand them what they need.

Many years ago, when I began working as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist, website optimization was frustrating. Trying to figure out exactly what the search engines wanted to see included on your website, making the necessary tweaks just to have Google change its algorithms and change the rankings of websites in its index. Many days I had a case of optimization frustration!!

I often reference my life at home as being like a circus. My life being an optimization specialist at DDA is a balancing act. I need to tend to each website’s individual needs, respond to website optimization program clients email’s concerning search engine rankings, and schedule my time to complete everything on time each month.

Just like at home, I know that this child doesn’t like crust on their PB&J, that child only likes jelly and the other child just doesn’t like it at all… at work I know which site needs meta tags focused, press releases submitted and header tags created.