Optimization Determination

My daughter’s school was having a magazine collection contest and the deadline was Friday. Over the past few weeks I had given her a handful each day in her backpack, and she was determined to win. I asked co-workers and family members to help out her class and thanks to our casting coordinator, director of motion arts, new business development coordinator and other family members she had bags and bags of magazines to cart to school.

She was so determined to win that she volunteered me to drive her to school on the final day with the rest of the magazines remaining to stack in her classroom and measure to see the final tally. Doesn’t sound like a big deal right? Well, let me tell you… it was.

I put bag after bag filled with magazines into the back of the truck along with backpacks, buckled in my two young sons, my daughter and my niece, drive to school, unloaded all of the magazines onto the stroller and made my way into the school with the four children in tow… did I mention the lovely wintry mix that just made the situation that much more enjoyable?

Anyway, after all the hard work… her classroom came in second place.  They will still get a pizza party, thank goodness!

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