Optimization in Half the Time

This morning it was my turn to handle bus duty for my niece and my daughter, and what a morning it was. Along with the usual “Mom get me this, Mom get me that” I also had to respond to “Aunt Jessi can I have this?”

After I rushed the boys to school, I got back home just in time to be able to fix the button that fell off of my niece’s new gloves that turned into mittens. Then it was back outside to get the girls on the bus and I was on my way into work. Since they have a half day today, I need to get myself in gear and get started on my website optimization. With only 3 hours in the office as a search engine optimization specialist, I will need to work twice as fast to get my workload finished.

The nice thing about working at DDA, a search engine marketing company, is that once I get the girls off the bus and feed them lunch, I am able to work from home. I will continue to optimize the websites enrolled in our SureThing Optimization Program from the comfort of my cramped bedroom. So I need to cut this blog short so I can get started on the meta tag focusing, press release submitting and social bookmark code implementing for the day.

I am really looking forward to kicking of my heels and sliding into slippers once I start my website optimization at home…