Optimization on the Brain

Today, as I sit here blogless and try to focus on my website optimization for the day, I am wondering how my daughter is making out in school with her oral book report. Elementary school is tougher these days, and the projects and presentations are much more frequent than when I was in fourth grade. This is her first report and she is pretty nervous. I remember I would’ve done just about anything to get out of doing an oral report. I’d much rather write a 20-page paper than have to get up in front of anyone and try to keep the redness on my face from showing. I can feel my voice cracking and the lump in my throat; I feel sick just thinking about it. I keep telling myself that she will be fine, she has read the book three times and has seen the movie so many times I can’t even count; but still I am sick to my stomach picturing her up there all nervous and alone.

All motherly feelings aside, I have plenty of search engine optimization to keep my brain occupied today. I will be working on a section of our own website, www.ddausa.com and will then go through the list of clients enrolled in the SureThing Optimization Program and optimize away. So as I sit here as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist, I will tip toe through meta tags, dance around header tags and skip through a few social bookmarking codes, all the while thinking about my daughter fidgeting in her seat waiting for her turn at school.