Original Universal Developer

We’re very close to having the universal portfolio complete and launched. It’s been quite a DDA education for me. I’ve worked here for more than three years, yet I discovered so many projects, from video production to search engine marketing (SEM), that I never saw before. We’ve done a number of projects and since DDA was formed 16 years ago, there’s a whole lot of history. It’s crazy for me to see digital photography, illustrations, CD-ROMs, brochures, and more that are more than 10 years old, right alongside website design and development, virtual reality, and animation projects from just within the past few months.

This portfolio will not all be the one-stop source to see nearly every project DDA has ever done, it’ll also be viewable on nearly every browsing device and platform, so whether you’re browsing on a desktop or iPhone, you’ll still be able to see everything DDA has to offer. This is a great nod to our newest division, AppleSavvy, which offers Flash conversion and iPad and iPhone friendly development services, and really shows that we are indeed the original universal developer.

There is so much going on at DDA everyday, with new innovations and technologies being  developed for corporate and medical marketing and advertising, traditional and interactive, including virtual medical simulations, that it’s absolutely fabulous we are finally going to have one place to showcase it all.

Even better, potential clients will now know that not only can we truly build anything they want, we build it so everyone can see it exactly as you intended, whether at their desk or on the go.