I was reminded of how outdated my computer was this weekend when a computer game was presented to me and I tried to install it. I took the disc and popped it in my drive and waited. Then odd noises began to come out of the tower. I realized this wasn’t working and something was wrong so I popped it out again. After further investigation I realized that this game was a DVD-ROM, not a CD-ROM and my computer is so old that it doesn’t even have a DVD drive. I can only read CDs. Bummer. No pretending that I’m a famous director in the game today. I’ll have to play it on someone else’s computer or update my own. I’ll probably end up giving the computer another year or two in reality. Mine still works perfectly fine, so there is no reason to throw it away just to play one free game that may not even be good. I do primarily just use it for the Internet and it’s fine for that. When I do finally get a new one, I assume I’ll have to get a Blu-ray drive, as that is the next step up from DVD. I mean I don’t want to find myself trying to install a game on Blu-ray when I only have a DVD drive or I’m basically back where I started as far as problems go.

DDA knows that technology changes fast and tries to change with it. That is part of the reason why our list of available services seems to always be continuously growing. Our equipment keeps changing as well. We just got a new digital camera. A bit ago we also got new HD video cameras. We have some Blu-ray drives to burn Blu-ray discs. We update our software. Our in-house video studio seems to constantly be growing as well. It’s got tons of lights and a green screen. We recently got a new teleprompter for it and we have an HD television right in the mix so people can view the filming live if they want and we can view playback whenever needed on the screen.

Tangible things aren’t the only ones that get updated though. Our staff skills are always being honed as well. There are always new emerging advanced programming techniques to learn, new software functions to master, new SEM methods to implement. The staff is an ever-evolving component of its own. So whatever your media related project may be, you can come to us to get it done. We will deal with all the latest technologies and knowledge to create you the best product possible for the current time.