Packing a Punch

At work, and occasionally at home, I listen to Pandora radio. In the event you’re not familiar, it’s a free online radio station/platform where you can create your own stations. You pop in a band or song and it will automatically generate your request. But that’s not all. You not only get the group/song you were looking for, you get a whole selection of songs that are similar to the choice you made. For instance, when I put in the Pixies, a song from the Violent Femmes comes up. It’s actually really cool, especially for new groups, because it generates bands you may have never heard of. That’s how I discovered TV on the Radio and I’m now positively smitten.

I never ceased to be amazed at the absolute breadth of music and the amount of work that goes into creating such a platform. The amazing part is, as a user, it all seems so easy. It’s very user-friendly, with no guesswork and everything operates exactly as you’d expect. Only once or twice did I run into a situation where they didn’t have the group I was looking for, and that was a somewhat obscure Indian musician so I can’t say I blame them.

When I use this system, I’m reminded a lot of DDA. We have advanced programming capabilities in house and regularly develop very intelligent and complex tools that appear super easy to the user’s eye. Whether it’s a database where physicians can record patient findings, a continuing medical education (CME) tool that awards specific certification based on the user’s role, or a website that presents certain information based on the type of user you are, DDA can pretty much do it all.

But we go a step further than Pandora, our work not only requires a lot of time, effort, and experienced programming skills, we’re also very focused on innovation and interactivity, so the projects we do are also really engaging, like virtual medical simulations, interactive websites, video production, and so much more.  We’re all about impressing users and providing a rewarding experience.

At the end of the day no matter what it is we’ve created, a medical website design, eLearning platform, or even search engine marketing (SEM), it’s all put into a custom-designed and easy-to-use format, like packing a major punch into a neat little package. To me, that’s pretty cool.