Pants in Heat

The heat wave time of summer has been flexing its muscles lately. Today we are in store for a 94-degree day followed by a 95-degree day on Thursday. Hot, hot, heat! Driving here in the morning is lovely for the time being and a perfect temperature. Unfortunately, 7 a.m. is just the beginning of the warming trend and it won’t stop rising until about 2 or 3 in the afternoon. So conversely driving home is quite a bit uncomfortable and I try to go without using the gas guzzling air conditioning for as long as possible, but it usually is an inevitability. At least during the work day we can now be glad that we are inside again, since it is oppressively hot outside. I guess I wouldn’t be wearing the same outfit with pants and would have an ice cold cooler of water with me if I was outside. Alas, we are inside with pants and air conditioning set to a comfortable 77 degrees, so the outside world is forgotten until it hits 6 p.m. again.

So what are we doing in pants inside of our air conditioned building you ask? Are we digitally advertising dynamically? Maybe a little I guess. More so I’d say the majority of our work is in websites. We do custom web design,  advanced programming, SEM, copywriting, flash animation, and more. After websites we also delve into a lot of print design, digital photography, and videography work. It’s a smorgasbord of different services but all can be related back to being media related and the list is still ever-growing as technology changes as well. So give us a call or visit and get your project quoted today.