Patient-Focused Medical Marketing

When someone receives a diagnosis for an illness or disease or if a sudden change in lifestyle is needed from a health perspective, I feel it’s extremely important for that person to realize they’re not alone. Feeling like you are the only one going through a particular situation can lead to depression and hamper the recovery or treatment process.

At DDA Medical, one of the many things we offer for the medical and healthcare industry is a host of services focused specifically on the patient, from online patient portals, to brochures, to billboard advertising, video production, and website design and development. With our custom programming services we can provide an online platform for patients to keep track of medication, make appointments, connect with other patients, and record their medical history. Since we work with all different types of medical and healthcare companies and organizations, our services can be used in pharmaceutical product marketing, to promote a clinical research program, or by the physician practices themselves.

Help increase a patient’s overall well being and aid in the treatment process by spreading awareness and making a wide range of resources as accessible as possible. DDA Medical can help you make it happen.