Presidential Election and Advertising

Advertising and elections go hand-in-hand. Over the weekend, I was trying to figure out who I would vote for in the Presidential election for 2008 and I finally decided I would vote for the only man who has a plan and seeks to bring back the country to its founding origin. The man I am referring to is Congressman Ron Paul from Texas who stands for constitutionalism and for the rights of all people.

Some of you reading my blog might ask yourselves why you have never heard of Ron Paul or if you have and liked his beliefs, are wondering what happened to Ron Paul. Ron Paul had, in my opinion, hired a marketing company which did not do their job as other more competent advertising companies could have done. The media was basically blacking him out because he stood against some of the biggest branches in government, which he perceives as a threat to American citizen sovereignty.

Some of his ideas were to rid the United States of the Federal Reserve System, which most Americans do not understand the way with which it operates, nor do they understand how it influences the market.

Most voters vote on what people say, not on what they find… Just last Wednesday for example, Senator Obama, whom many have recently been swindled into believing he actually stands for change, (but never gives a publicly laid-out plan), had some news come out that he had been accepting donations from Lobbyists and other corporate powers. The irony here is that the very next day, I was eating dinner and an Obama advertisement came on claiming he does not accept money from Lobbyists! I was rolling on the floor laughing because of the prior days’ news about the lobbysists’ donations and the fact that most Americans would still have NO clue that he basically ran a False Advertisement and that he is getting away with it!

Ron Paul has been cheated out of the election for Presidency for 2008, but most people will say that’s a conspiracy; yea well go search it online, the reports are there. Just because you do not hear about it on Fox, CNN, or C-span, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen!

Ron Paul could have won this election had he hired an advertising agency that was more capable of handling such an immense responsibility.

If you want to know more about Ron Paul here is the link:

I’m going to vote for Ron Paul as his name is still going to be on the ballot; rather have my vote go to a good man instead of one of the other three stooges.