Plan it Out

In just about a month and a half my younger sister will be on her way to college. Even though she’s staying very local, it’s a big change, especially for my mother and sister; they’re extremely close. In the meantime, we’ve been trying to plan ahead and take care of everything she needs. We’re also in the midst of preparing a somewhat belated graduation party. Per usual, when it comes to planning, I revert to list making. These days it seems I can’t remember anything unless it’s written down.

At DDA, we do a lot of planning. For every video production, website design and development, and animation project, there’s a plan. Even before we’re awarded a project, we’re doing some planning, mainly of a conceptual nature, and the planning doesn’t stop there. Internal and external discussions, brainstorming and idea sharing, preparation for shoots, and creating strategies for launches and promotional campaigns are all regular parts of the work we do.

Without such thorough preparation and attention to detail, DDA wouldn’t be able to deliver the high caliber of work it does, and this is true of everything from photography to search engine marketing (SEM) to even virtual medical simulations and Flash conversion and iPad and iPhone friendly development services.

Whether it’s medical or corporate marketing you need, you can be sure DDA will take the time to flesh it all out at each and every step.