Ponder This!

On the way to work early this morning, I was so tempted to stay home and putter in the yard, listen to the birds, watch the V formation of geese overhead, wave to the power walkers, and maybe even enjoy a cup of coffee while I walk around with my pruning shears. It is a fantasy I have every beautiful April day, and I WILL get to experience it, but not Monday through Thursday. Those are dedicated Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) days, and I try to give full measure, as do all who work here.

I’m sure the whole crew yearns to be outdoors when the weather is perfect and bug free, and at DDA, we are in the process of improving the big back area of our new digs so we can install picnic benches and fire up the grill before long. Don’t tell anybody, but I’m even thinking hammocks between trees! Meanwhile, we do our collective best to produce.

There is talk of an economic slowdown, but thankfully we are busy with several video projects. Carrie, our lead graphic designer, is working on new print designs for several long-time clients, and yesterday Melissa, another designer, sent a new client two finished images for her trade show booth (a project incidentally with a very tight deadline). Last week, we launched a very sophisticated jewelry website and there is still much to tweak before we are satisfied.  

The tasks of maintenance through search engine optimization and inbound linking continues uninterrupted daily, the conference rooms are booked for long distance meetings–and so the day goes. If you walk around our new offices, it is hard not to notice all the strategically placed clocks, the silent reminder to use time wisely. Like I pointed out in an earlier blog, time is not elastic. Furthermore, we all have the same number of hours allotted to get things done. How we use the 38 hours helps decide if DDA will have a good day, a better week, and then a profitable month. 

Ponder this, “We say we waste time but that is impossible. We waste ourselves.”  ~ Alice Bloch